The Annenberg Charity Lecture Day

Comprehensive Patient Care: THE FUTURE IS NOW

Sunday 22 April 2018

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Chairman’s Comments:

“This lecture is for real dentists, treating real patients, wanting real information that will be useful come Monday morning, in the office.

Dr Fugazzotto is Periodontist with over 35 years of “wet fingered” inter-disciplinary experience. He appreciates the difficult questions and decisions we all face, everyday, in carrying out inter-disciplinary dentistry. What to keep, what to remove and how to replace it? He uses his extensive experience and database of information, gathered from years of treatment in his practice, to explore these questions and try to come up with relevant, pragmatic treatment solutions.

We have all sat through numerous lectures, that talk about Evidence Based approaches to treatment. But too often the evidence available is weak and leaves us without useful answers. Failing the availability of long-term randomized, controlled, clinical studies on every treatment and decision we make, there is no substitute for experience. In particular experience in considering all disciplines of dental treatment for the successful outcome of the case. I have been reading Dr Fugazzotto’s reviews, commentaries, case studies and research since I started my periodontal training some 25 years ago. I have always found his articles to be a ‘breath of fresh air’ in a sea of sometimes, clinically irrelevant statistics. This is going to be a day of clinical learning that is not to be missed.”  Dr Jonathan Lack, Chariman

To give you a taste why not check out his youtube video below:

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