Taking the mystique out of Digital Impressions!

September 28, 2016


29 Nov 2016

Mr. Dale Flanagan & Mr. Simon Hughes

Technology designed the way you work: An introduction into how digital dentistry is changing the way we take impressions, design restorations, plan implants, analyse and measure alignment of teeth and manufacture consistently, accurate prostheses down to thousandth of a millimetre.

1. Demonstrate effectiveness of traditional vs digital impressions.
2. Demonstrate digital measurement tools for preparation accuracy.
3. Teach how to measure shade digitally using TRIOSĀ®.
4. Demonstrate how to plan and design digital implant surgical guides.
5. Demonstrate basic CAD crown creation using digital smile design tools.
6. Showcase the digital workflow for orthodontics.

Dale Flanagan BSc (hons), N.Dip Dental Technology (DUT)

  • Educated and experienced bench dental technician.
  • CAD/CAM technician.
  • 3Shape Trios Product specialist currently educating, supporting and providing clinical consultancy to dental professionals using 3Shape solutions.

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