The Fly on the Wall – a humble witness

September 28, 2016


28 Feb 2017

As a professional, Joe has been witness to a variety of practices; some that work and some which don’t. This lecture will represent a reflection of his personal views of good and bad practices from an educated fly on-the-wall’s point of view.


Dr Omar will draw on his 32 years’ experience of working in the dental profession. His objective is to question the attendees long held views and methods to see if someone else is

Dr Yusof (Joe) OmarMBBCh, DA, MRCA

  • Left the NHS in 1984 to start his own private practice in Harley Street as a Dental Anaesthetist.
  • Taught Medical Emergencies well before it became a compulsory core CPD subject.
  • Is the Senior Partner at Sedation Solutions Ltd.
  • Is a Senior Teaching Fellow at the Eastman CPD, UCL.

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