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Jan 23 2018

Update on Management of Dental Trauma

BDA 64 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 8YS

Registration from 6.30pm, lecture from 7.15 pm

Dr Attari is a full time, experienced, Paediatric dentist who brings the real world and real practice to her lecture. She qualified from Guy’s Dental Hospital, London in 1996 and then held hospital posts in maxillofacial surgery and paediatric dentistry at Guy’s Hospital. After a period in general practice, she began a three-year specialist training programme in paediatric dentistry at Eastman Dental institute from which she qualified as a specialist paediatric dentist in 2001.

Dr Attari has lectured nationally and internationally on subjects related to paediatric dentistry. She also runs a very busy Paediatric dental practice in the west end. Her practice is predicated on educating children of all ages, about oral health.

Dental Trauma, is an area of dentistry we are not exposed to everyday, but when called upon to deal with, we need to know what we are doing. With advances in dentistry and new guide lines on dental trauma, this lectures gives an up to date overview of trauma to primary and permanent teeth focusing on the immediate and long term management of such cases. This is one area we always need updating in and is a lecture you cannot afford to miss.

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Feb 22 2018

Oral health, elite sport, and performance

BDA 64 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 8YS

Registration from 6.30pm, lecture from 7.15 pm

Prof Needleman is Professor of Restorative Dentistry and Evidence-Based Healthcare at UCL Eastman Dental Institute and Honorary Consultant in Periodontology with UCLH. He is a clinical specialist in periodontics at UCL and in specialist practice at PerioLondon. He has been and is at the forefront of Periodontal research and is sought after whenever research groups want advice on how to devise iron clad research protocols.

Research at the London 2012 Olympics, Premier League Football, current Olympians and professional cycling and rugby shows consistently poor oral health with high levels of caries, erosive tooth wear and periodontal diseases. What is most striking is that more than 1 in 5 athletes report an impact of their oral health on training and performance. In this presentation, Prof Needleman will share some of the data from our research studies in elite sport and discuss both the causes and how to improve this situation. He will also explore just how oral health can affect performance.

This topic represents an interesting and new area of research and another way that dental health impacts patient’s lives. As dentists we need to be aware of this new area of oral health care.

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Mar 20 2018

Head and Neck Lesions: from diagnosis to treatment

BDA 64 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 8YS

Registration from 6.30pm, lecture from 7.15 pm

Nicholas Kalavrezos is a Head and Neck Reconstructive Surgeon and the Lead Clinician in the Head and Neck Centre at University College London Hospital with a background in Oral and Maxillo-Facial surgery.

Lesions of the head and neck can be of congenital, traumatic, inflammatory or of neoplastic origin. The aim of this lecture is to focus mainly on the most common diagnostic dilemmas that we may face in the dental office and the vast majority of them will be lesions of inflammatory and neoplastic origin. An overview of the most common conditions will be outlined with emphasis on the diagnostic and therapeutic principles.

Mr Kalavrezos has an immense amount of experience both clinically and in research. His extensive knowledge of head and neck cancers makes him a valuable resource we can all learn from. This is an area that is often overlooked when patients see their GP. As such we have a responsibility to be able to identify abnormalities that require further investigation. This lecture will refresh and update our knowledge in these areas and is essential for all practicing dentists.

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Apr 22 2018

Alpha Omega “Annenberg” Charity Lecture

RAF Museum, Grahame Park Way, London, NW9 5LL

Registration from 08.30, Lecture 09:00-17:00

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- Hygienists Track - Morning
Session available
- Full day lecture
- Qualifies for 6 hours CPD
- Lunch included.


This lecture is for real dentists, treating real patients, wanting real information that will be useful come Monday morning, in the office.

Appropriate patient care mandates an insightful diagnosis, thorough case work-up and development of a comprehensive, interdisciplinary treatment plan. Exquisite execution of therapy, whether it be “simple” or staged therapy requiring metal framework provisional restorations and/or treatment of patient musculature, followed by appropriate maintenance care, result in highly predictable long-term treatment outcomes.

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