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Welcome to Alpha Omega

Chairman’s Welcome

Richard Horwitz

It is an honour and gives me great pleasure to be welcoming you as the incoming Chairman of Alpha Omega International Dental Fraternity’s London Chapter.

My involvement with Alpha Omega started whilst an undergraduate student. I was introduced to the fraternity and have had fantastic support from its members throughout my postgraduate training and my career. This support is central to the ethos of Alpha Omega and for this reason one of my aims for this year is to continue the great work from the last two chairman’s in helping to grow the student externship program and student involvement in Alpha Omega.

As a periodontist the relationship between oral and systemic health is one I find incredibly interesting. For this reason I believe communication with our medical counterparts is key in order to learn from each other. I am therefore proud to introduce to you this years lecture series ‘Oral Health and Beyond!!’.

This year we will be introducing to the membership, fantastic speakers to lecture on a variety of different topics around this theme throughout the year.

For our first meeting I am pleased to introduce to you cardiologists Dr Mark Westwood, Dr Neil Srinivasan and Dr Christopher Primus. We look forward to them outlining current cardiology practice in relation to dentistry, helping us understand better anticoagulation therapies and infective endocarditis risks.

Our next speaker will be renowned oral and maxillofacial surgeon Mr Jonathan Collier, also speaking for the first time to Alpha Omega. He will be outlining causes and treatments for parafunctional sleep disorders. Obstructive Sleep Apnoea is becoming increasingly common and its management from a dental perspective will be enlightening.

We are also delighted to have Dr Joe Omar to be returning to Alpha Omega presenting “Sedation and The Airway”. This engaging and interactive presentation is a must for any dentist offering sedation in their practice.

Research exploring the relationship between oral and systemic health is continually evolving. Associations have been identified between periodontal disease and diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, pregnancy related outcomes and dementia to name a few. Professor D’Aiuto is at the forefront of this research and we are therefore delighted to introduce him to Alpha Omega, to speak on this vast topic.

Occlusion in dentistry is often a topic confused and difficult to understand. We are therefore honoured to have Dr Tom Bereznicki (one of our esteemed alpha omega members) to present “avoiding occlusally related failures in restorative dentistry”

To finish the year on a high, we are delighted to be inviting Dr Mervyn Druian, past international chair of Alpha Omega to impart his wisdom and practice experience. “The inspirational dental practice” will explore the importance of relationship building, team building, case presentation and practice profitability. All vitally important aspects of running a successful practice and enjoying dentistry!

It is important to remember that all funds raised go to our Charitable Trust, which distributes the funds we raise to help disadvantaged groups in all parts of the world access dental care. We are grateful to you our members for your continued unwavering support.

Thank you to both the council and scientific committees, (especially from past chair Dr Rob Pittack) for all their help in putting together the program for this year. I hope to continue from the successes of last year.

I also thank all our generous sponsors especially Henry Schein, with their generous charitable donations and support for all our events. If you don’t already use their Alpha Omega rewards and discounts take a look at them!

Most importantly I have to thank all our members for their continued support. Bring guests to the events and help our London Chapter grow.

For more detailed information about all of our events follow us on twitter and instagram, and join our Facebook page. Join them to help us spread the word.

Dr Richard Horwitz

BDS, MClinDent, MFDS RCSEd, MPerio RCSEd, Cert Perio (EFP), FHEA

Specialist in Periodontics

Visiting Lecturer Eastman Dental Institute (UCL)

Chairman of The London Chapter of Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity

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Oct 24 2019

Sedation and The Airway

BDA 64 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 8YS

Dr Yusof (Joe) Omar

Registration from 6.30pm, lecture from 7.15 pm

Course overview
It is logical as well as compassionate to offer anxious and phobic patients sedation, to manage some, if not all, their dental treatment. However, the operator and chairside assistant both need to have some knowledge of sedation and sedatives and the potential for complications; after all the sedationist and the dentist are sharing the airway!

Educational Aims and Objectives
The aim of the presentation is to introduce the attendee to the airway and demonstrate how it interacts with sedation and good dental practice

Learning outcomes
The attendee will learn:-
- The difference between Conscious Sedation (CS) and General anaesthesia (GA)
- The drugs used in sedation and the rationale behind multi-drug sedation
- About and appreciate the importance of sharing in the care of the airway
- To prevent and manage airway obstruction.

GDC development outcome: C 

Evening lectures free for members only
Non-members/ guest fee £60.00

Nov 12 2019

Things that go “bump and grind” in the night (and shouldn’t):  Dentofacial treatment of Parafunctional sleep disorders

BDA 64 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 8YS

Mr Jonathan Collier

Registration from 6.30pm, lecture from 7.15 pm

Course overview
Patient and public awareness of the importance of good quality sleep is increasing. During the lecture we will look at normal sleep, how it is disturbed, the sequelae of this (dental and medical) and how we might identify these. We will go on to discuss the role of “novel” treatments such as botulinum toxin for bruxism (as well as the pearls and pitfalls of how to deliver it in the chairside setting). We will also discuss the importance of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) as a diagnosis and how clinical, radiological and computational airway assessment is helping guide surgical therapies (such as maxilla-mandibular advancement osteotomies) to provide a 90% cure rate.

Educational Aims and Objectives
This lecture will introduce the dental professional to the terminology, physiology and pathology of common relevant sleep disorders. Understanding the inter-play between sleep-related problems will provide practitioners with a fresh insight into the dental and medical sequelae of poor sleep. Simple assessment techniques will be explained so that attendees can be confident in making appropriate diagnoses, offering adjunctive chairside treatments if required and onward referral if indicated.

Learning outcomes
- To introduce the importance of sleep quality on medical and dental health
- To outline simple chairside diagnostic tests to detect sleep pathologies.
- To demonstrate the role of botulinum toxin in the multimodal management of myofascial pain and bruxism.
- To deliver an overview of sleep surgery in obstructive sleep apnoea with specific reference to orthognathic treatment.

GDC development outcome: C

Evening lectures free for members only
Non-members/ guest fee £60.00

Jan 14 2020
Professor Francesco D’Aiuto

Oral and Systemic Health: Should we be worried?

BDA 64 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 8YS

Professor Francesco D’Aiuto

Registration from 6.30pm, lecture from 7.15 pm

Course Overview
Oral diseases including periodontitis affect the majority of the population and they are a huge burden both on individuals and on society. In the last decade the importance of oral health as an essential component of the overall systemic wellbeing has increased. A bulk of evidence suggests that periodontal diseases may play a significant role in a variety of other health problems. Could this be true? Could these associations be explained by other common risk factors (for example smoking or obesity)? Oral health professionals should be confident in answering/addressing their patients on the clinical and scientific relevance of these associations.

Educational Aims and Objectives
A critical review of the available evidences on the association between periodontitis and systemic health outcomes will be provided. In particular focus will be given to the associations between periodontitis and diabetes/cardiovascular diseases including plausible mechanisms. Interpretation of the recent evidence will be discussed with the audience to define appropriate terminology and concepts in perio-medicine. The ultimate aim will be to provide clinicians sufficient information to answer basic questions on the association between periodontitis and systemic diseases from their patients and communicate this information effectively.

Learning outcomes
• Critical appraisal of the evidence linking periodontitis and diabetes
• Critical appraisal of the evidence linking periodontitis and cardiovascular diseases
• Critical appraisal of the evidence supporting plausible mechanisms linking periodontitis and systemic health outcomes

GDC development outcome: C

Evening lectures free for members only
Non-members/ guest fee £60.00

Feb 4 2020

Avoiding Occlusally related failures in Restorative Dentistry

BDA 64 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 8YS

Dr Tom Bereznicki

Registration from 6.30pm, lecture from 7.15 pm

Course overview
Occlusion has a major role to play in either the success or failure of restorations provided. Without a basic understanding of the principles of occlusion, it is difficult to provide predictable long-lasting restorations. The lecture will not be dealing with the anatomical aspects of occlusion - the emphasis will be on an understanding of the mandibular movements and their importance in achieving the correct occlusal morphology in restorations provided so that it is in harmony with the adjacent and opposing teeth. The presentation is very clinically photographically driven.

Educational Aims and Objectives
• To explain the rudimentary principles of occlusion
• To explain, with clinical examples, the implications of the loss of occlusal harmony
• To explain RCP, ICP and long centric
• When to restore conformatively and when the occlusion needs to be reorganised prior to restoration
• To show clinical examples of the problems associated with centric premature contacts
• To explain working side mandibular movements, including ‘cross over’, and their clinical implications
• To explain non-working side interferences and their clinical implications
• To explain the three types of protrusive mandibular movements and their clinical implication

Learning outcomes
• A better understanding of the principles of occlusion
• To be able to confidently examine a patient’s occlusion during treatment planning
• A better understanding of the clinical implications of the consequences of providing restorations which do not fit into the established occlusal scheme
• A better understanding of the role of occlusion in treatment planning – conformative vs reorganised
• A better understanding of the role of occlusion in providing predictable and stable dentistry

GDC development outcome: C

Evening lectures free for members only
Non-members/ guest fee £60.00

Mar 3 2020

The Inspirational Dental Practice

BDA 64 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 8YS

Dr Mervyn Druian

Registration from 6.30pm, lecture from 7.15 pm

Course overview
The lecture will focus on relationship building, team building, case presentation and practice profitability. We will discuss Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs and ask ourselves what do the patients want from the dentist.
The lecture will demonstrate how a practice can thrive in challenging times, leading to win-win for the team, the patient and the dentist.

Educational Aims and Objectives
The aim of the lecture is to give the audience the verbal skills to communicate with patients at a level that is perfectly understood by all. The objective is to take the stress out of dentistry creating a happy and convivial environment where the dentist and team look forward to going to work and the patient looks forward to their visit to the practice.

Learning outcomes:
• Whatever we do it should be fun.
• There must be honesty and integrity.
• The practice must create an environment of trust.
• Learn the Law of Reciprocity.
• Learn the value of careful case presentation.

GDC Outcome: A, B, D

Evening lectures free for members only
Non-members/ guest fee £60.00

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