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Chairman’s Welcome

Richard Pins

It is my great honor to serve as your Chair of the Alpha Omega Dental Society – London Branch for the coming year. I feel privileged to be given the opportunity to put something back into the society from which I have greatly benefitted over the last 20 years.

Alpha Omega was started in the University of Maryland in 1907 to fight discrimination. At that time Jewish students were barred from membership of dental societies. Over a century later we still see discrimination of minorities in all walks of life.

As Alpha Omegans it remains our duty to call out discrimination and prejudice when we see it, however, from those negative undertones was born a fraternity which stands for the positive values of Education, Fraternity and Philanthropy.

The educational program which I have planned, along with the Alpha Omega Scientific Committee under the Chairmanship of Professor Eddie Scher, brings together some notable leaders of our fabulous profession who are generously giving of their time to share their expertise with us and stimulate debate. I have tried to cover as wide a range of subjects to appeal to as broad a base of the membership as I could. Full details of this year’s educational program are laid out on the following pages of this brochure.

In a first for Alpha Omega this year, our entire membership was surveyed for their opinion on whether we should return to face-to-face lectures and where the preferred venue for meeting should be. The committee has listened to you, and it is with great anticipation that we return to our face-to-face lectures in October. We are a fraternity and the social, mentoring and networking opportunities are an essential facet of our society and has been since 1907. I am delighted that the membership values this.

We are also very excited about welcoming you to our new venue. This year’s program is being held at the Royal College of Physicians in Regents Park. It is a building of historical and architectural importance and a prestigious environment for us to be reunited. I hope you will take the opportunity to look around the building and all it has to offer. The Royal College has robust Covid-19 safety protocols in place and the details will be outlined to you in future communiques.

In addition to our face-to face lectures we are also planning some online ‘Masterclasses’ in association with Health Education England (H.E.E.) later in this year’s educational program. We are delighted that H.E.E joined with us for last year’s online lecture program, and we hope to continue inspiring young dentists starting out on their careers. We warmly welcome all H.E.E. foundation dentists to Alpha Omega

The charitable work of the Alpha Omega Trust continues under the Chair of Professor Andrew Eder, and we are most grateful for his continued guidance along with the whole Alpha Omega Trust committee. The work of the trust is detailed later in this brochure.

I would like to thank Diana Spencer on behalf of the entire membership of Alpha Omega for her energy and time that she gave in her time as Chair to steer us through the most difficult year in Alpha Omega history. My thanks also to the whole committee who selflessly have supported me in the run up to my year as Chair and on whose shoulders I am being carried forward. A final thanks to Jennifer Marks who has been keeping us all in touch for the last five years, handling all Alpha Omega’s communications.

We are also immensely grateful for the unwavering support offered by Henry Schein together with the rest of the dental trade who are affiliated with Alpha Omega. Please make use of the discount offered by Henry Schein to all AO members, and please do support our trade exhibition at each lecture. Their contribution to the Trust is so appreciated

For full details on how to join Alpha Omega and for updates on all our events please check out the website  . You can also follow us: –

Twitter: alpha_omega_london

Instagram: @AOLondon

Facebook: AlphaOmegaDentalUK

No-one will be more pleased than me to welcome you all at the first lecture on Tuesday October 5th. Please invite guests and bring along colleagues who you feel would enjoy our events. We welcome all new members and the more people we attract the more good work the Trust can achieve. A huge thanks to our membership for their continued support.

Let’s all celebrate getting back to our future…. together.

Chairman of The London Chapter of Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity

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