Annenberg Charity Lecture Overview

Comprehensive Patient Care: THE FUTURE IS NOW

Delivered by Dr.Paul A. Fugazzotto


Annenberg Charity Lecture PDF Brochure

Appropriate patient care mandates an insightful diagnosis, thorough case work-up and development of a comprehensive, interdisciplinary treatment plan. Exquisite execution of therapy, whether it be “simple” or staged therapy requiring metal framework provisional restorations and/or treatment of patient musculature, followed by appropriate maintenance care, result in highly predictable long-term treatment outcomes.

The realities of periodontal pocket elimination therapy will be demonstrated through documented results of over 30,000 teeth, with an incidence of periodontal tooth loss of less than 2% over 15-35 years. The periodontal-restorative relationship, a cornerstone of predictable therapy, will be comprehensively discussed. Topics will include variable tooth preparation design following periodontal therapies.

How best to integrate periodontal regenerative therapies into clinical practice, in both the active treatment and long-term maintenance phases will be explored.

The realities of predictable guided bone regeneration and reconstruction of the posterior maxilla will be discussed through examination of results of over 4,000 treated cases and 7,500 implants placed and restored. This will lead directly to discussion of the interplay of factors which influence long-term implant success rates and the interproximal papilla.

Decision trees will be formulated for when to place implants at the time of extraction of anterior and posterior teeth, and when to perform staged therapy.

Decision trees regarding treatment approaches and material selection will be formulated for all therapies.

Time will be devoted specifically to appropriate maintenance regimens for effective maintenance care following each of the aforementioned treatments.

Finally, a discussion of how to ensure patient acceptance of comprehensive care will be carried out.

Course objectives

  • How to carry out insightful patient-based diagnosis and formulate a comprehensive, interdisciplinary treatment plan.
  • To identify the most appropriate periodontal therapies in various clinical situations.
  • To understand preparation of the periodontium for the restorative dentist.
  • To be comfortable with the indications, contraindications and material selection for guided bone reconstruction in the anterior and posterior regions.
  • To understand the influence of various factors on long-term implant success

Additional Information

  • Hygienist Track — Morning Session available
  • Full day lecture
  • Qualifies for 6 hours CPD
  • Lunch included

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