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Course overview

This lecture will focus on providing both an ethical approach to aesthetic dentistry and looking deeper into anterior treatments that can provide long lasting functional benefits. The concept of Progressive smile design through ABB (alignment, bleaching and bonding) can mean that any dentist in any practice can offer safe, aesthetic patient led treatments.

It will identify how slow continued tooth movement is one of dentistry’s biggest blind spots and the long-term aesthetic and functional effect of this can be devastating and expensive to fix if not identified early.

This seminar will show how a simple ortho- restorative approach can provide safe aesthetic and functional outcomes but accessible to many more patients.

The course covers how aligning bleaching and bonding teeth can totally change the way we approach all cases not just cosmetic ones. The effect of continued tooth movement. It will highlight the planning protocols of simple occlusion- driven anterior alignment methodology using digital arch evaluation and 3D printing. It will consider the protection of guidance and the long-term function via planning and retention methodology. Finally it will outline the use of edge bonding as a viable non-invasive aesthetic and functional tool for cosmetic dentistry and occlusal treatment via the Dahl principal.

Learning outcomes

  • Participants will understand how case planning and appropriate treatment can help all dentists carry out simple anterior treatments that not only have aesthetic but clear and long term functional benefits.
  • They will see how cosmetic dentistry can be far more functionally driven and this applies to vastly more patients than traditionally believed.
  • They will understand how safe and systematic driven approach to restoratively focused orthodontics can provide results that are achievable and last for years and how this is applicable to nearly every patient.

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