Dr. Tali Chackartchi Profile

Tali Chackartchi graduated in dentistry in 2002. She completed a post-graduate program in Periodontology at the Department of Periodontology, Hadassah & Hebrew University Faculty of Dental Medicine in 2008. EFP accredited specialist since 2009.

In 2009 received a 1-year scholarship to expand her education in implantology from the “Staub Foundation” in the G.Niznick Oral Implant Center.

Currently serves as a Senior Instructor in the Department of Periodontology at the Hadassah & Hebrew University in Jerusalem, ISRAEL.

Her clinical activity is dedicated to periodontology and implantology.

Since 2006, involved in the development, research and clinical work with different computer-supported implant planning software’s and guided surgery kits.  Dr. Chackartchi shares her experience in international lectures and hands-on courses.

Dr.Chackartchi is a member of the Israeli Post Graduate examination committee, a member of the experts’ committee of the Osteology Foundation and serves in the scientific committee of several national and international symposiums.

Tali Chackartchi is a Past President of the Israeli Society of Periodontology and Osseointegration.

Dr Tali Chackartchi

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