Dr. Marcelo Bercovici

Hello fellow Alpha Omegans from across the Big Pond,

I have become acquainted with your charming Chairman Diana through our cooperation with the continuing education webinars.

We have benefitted from your very instructive courses in the early afternoon, and you have been able to tune into some of our webinars at the ungodly hour of midnight.  Neither ocean nor time zone can break the bonds between Alpha Omegans.

The Montreal chapter of Alpha Omega (MRDS -Mount Royal Dental Society) has navigated the storm of this outrageously unusual year with ups and downs.  The high point was a beautiful evening on August 20th, when Alpha Omega- Mount Royal Dental Society partnered with Israel Bonds and Canadian Friends of Tel Aviv University to honour our own Dr. Barry Dolman Z”L, in support of the refurbishment of the Oral Pathology Lab at Tel Aviv University.

Barry was honoured for his dedication to the Dental community and the community at large.  He held the position of president of the provincial dental governing body for eight years. 100 cars gathered at a drive-in venue for an evening of tribute, music, food (boxed kosher meals delivered to your car)  and drink.

Tragically, soon after Barry suddenly fell ill and passed away.  To add to this sadness, two more highly respected and loved fraters died suddenly:  Gerry Dushkin Z”L and  Sam Israelovitch Z”L.

Since June 2020, Montreal dentists have been working under the “new normal”.

We are a strong and cohesive chapter and small forge ahead.

Dr. Marcelo Bercovici,

President, AO-MRDS, Canada

With sincere thanks to Barry, and the AO-MRDS Israel Bonds Dental Division committee for helping to put this evening together, and Benny and the Healers for their musical contribution. Israel Bonds were purchased in the name of Tel Aviv University Oral Pathology Lab, a cutting edge facility for the research and diagnosis of oral diseases.

The AO-MRDS Drive-In Event 

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