Chairman’s welcome


It is for these very important causes, that I remind our members, that the Annenberg lecture is our main fundraising event of the year and is completely dependent upon attendance by all of our members, so that we can continue to support these and many other dental charities. So please make every effort to attend and encourage your dental colleagues to do so as well. Even if your schedule does not allow you to attend, consider registering anyhow as a charitable donation.

Although we have a Judaic heritage we remain a non-sectarian fraternity and welcome members of all faiths and backgrounds. If you are not already a member of Alpha Omega, why not consider joining. In doing so you get friendly camaraderie, quality CPD and will be supporting charitable dental causes, around the world. (Membership form on the back page of this brochure).

This year, once again, we have an outstanding line up of speakers. We will start the year with a unique, and up to now, unprecedented talk, from senior staff at the GDC. Mr Mathew Hill, Director of Strategy and Mr Jonathan Green, Director of the Fitness to practice will come to speak to us. This is a rare opportunity indeed, to hear directly from the GDC on how their, “Shifting the Balance” program of reforms, will improve dentists’ working relationship with them. This is one lecture not to be missed.

We then move on to Dr Nick Fahey – Prosthodontist, who will give us a very experienced run through, of how to work with a complete digital pathway in Implant dentistry. Everything from the first diagnostic impression to the surgical guide and final restoration all done digitally.

The future is now and we need to get on board, but first, if you are like me, we need to get our head around how it all works! The next lecture will be from Dr Raman Aulakh – Orthodontist who will advise us on the treatment possibilities and limitations of the hugely popular clear aligner trays to straighten teeth. In particular, I have asked him to focus on how dentists can stay out of trouble by learning which cases to treat this way and which ones should not be attempted. In January Dr Noushin Attari – Paedodontist, will give us a vital update on treating dental trauma in children.

A topic we are not faced with every day but one that is critical to get right if teeth are to be saved. Then we have Prof. Ian Needleman – Periodontist, who will talk about an emerging field called:

Performance enhancement Sports Dentistry. Today athletes are learning that oral health is related to performance success and thus are turning their attention to it. Having a knowledge of this emerging field, will allow you to advise and treat more of your patients accordingly. Finally we round off the evening lecture series with Mr Nick Kalavresos- Head and Neck Reconstructive Surgeon with extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of head and neck cancer. He will give us a quintessential update on what to look out for, when to refer it and what treatment may be necessary. Once again thankfully not something we see every day, but certainly something we need to recognize and know when to refer it.

In the spring we will hold our main fundraising event- The Annenberg/Alpha Omega Charity Lecture. This year we are honoured to have Dr Paul Fugazzotto who is a Periodontist from Boston Mass, USA. He has 35 years experience and takes a pragmatic and practical approach to the inter-disciplinary treatment of patients.

He analyses his own practice outcomes and relates this to the literature, to try and gain useful practical answers to the questions we face every day, as dentists. This not just a periodontal or implant lecture, but is rather a lecture about clinical decision making regarding teeth and implant treatments. He is a dynamic, vibrant, outspoken and entertaining speaker who is sure to get you thinking and talking.

Finally I would like to recognize the outstanding year Stephen Handelsman has had, chairing the fraternity for the 3rd time! I would like to take this opportunity to thank him, on behalf of the membership. Stephen is incredibly devoted to Alpha Omega and we are all benefiting from his tireless efforts. Our program would not be possible without the continued and generous support from our sponsors and in particular Henry Schein. Please also support their charitable efforts with “Henry Schein cares”.

Many members may not be aware that there is a core group of council members who make Alpha Omega tick and I feel it’s only right that they be recognized for their efforts. We cannot deliver this kind of program without their constant hard work behind the scenes. We always need new members on council, so please approach any of us, if you are interested in helping out. Please see the list to the right.

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