Chairman’s welcome

Welcome from your Chairman Dr. Rob Pittack

I am honoured to be writing to you as the incoming Chairman of the London Chapter of Alpha Omega International Dental Fraternity. It gives me special pleasure to be doing this for a second time when it is the London Chapter’s 50th Anniversary.

Plans are afoot to celebrate the event, so keep an eye on our website, for more details as they unfold.”

Over these 50 years, the face of dentistry has completely changed. There are now more pressures than ever from patients and compliance, which affect all GDPs. However, I feel the original aims of Alpha Omega are as necessary as ever and we should not lose sight of what these aims offer dentists, oral health professionals and students alike.

A welcoming fraternal community, providing opportunities to attain professional excellence and promoting access to oral health care for all. Over the years I have found the fraternal element can help find solutions to running a practice and many compliance issues.

I hope our postgraduate lectures help inspire us to higher professional standards.

Finally our Charitable Trust distributes the funds we raise to help disadvantaged groups in all parts of the world access dental care.

I set out to design a lecture series where each lecture is aimed at the general dental practitioner. As ever, a big thank you to the scientific committee, especially its Chairman Eddie Scher, for helping to put it together and put in place a quality assurance policy that we hope will ensure the lectures are targeted to our members.

I must also thank all our committee who work tirelessly behind the scenes, in their own time, especially this year when so many compliance projects have needed to be completed. Our last Chairman, Jonathan Lack, managed to get through a good number of projects, inspire us to try and get the benefits of membership out to a new audience and still raise a good sum for the Charitable Trust. He has set the bar really high for incoming Chairs and I must congratulate him on such a successful year.

Once again I must thank all our speakers who have agreed to speak and take time out, with no honorarium, not only to present their lectures but also to prepare them. Our first speaker Professor Ami Smidt from the Hadassah School of Dental Medicine, is going to take on one of the toughest topics in dentistry today, comprehensive prosthodontic treatment planning. Part of his presentation will look at hopeless teeth and how they can be preserved or used to reduce extensive implant treatment and ensure it is less invasive. The other part covering the augmentation that will then be required to make sites suitable for implant placement.

We have Dr. Richard Kahan presenting ‘Evolutionary Endodontics in the 21st Century’. One of the key parts to this lecture will be about preserving tooth tissue, to reduce the risk of tooth fracture, which can be the bane of our lives in general practice. He will also look at improving the long-term success of root treated teeth.

In January Dr. Richard Horwitz, our president-elect, is going to update us on current changes and concepts in diagnosing, treating and managing periodontitis in practice. He will help us assess the prognosis of teeth and understand the limitations of some treatments.

Following the fantastic feedback we had for Dr. Mahul Patel’s study evening last year, we have asked him to present his thoughts on optimising anterior composite restorations. Many of the tips he gives can be used simply by the GDP on their own patients.

Last but not least of the evening lecture series is Dr. Jimmy Makdissi, who will be covering the use of cone beam CT scans for the GDP. These are being used for more and more applications in general practice and not just in implant dentistry. His presentations are always a joy and full of information and useful tips.

Follow us on twitter @AOLondon, and join our Facebook page  We regularly post event information on our social media sites. Join them and retweet to help us spread the word.

I also thank all our generous sponsors especially Henry Schein, who support all our events and make the production and distribution of this brochure possible. If you don’t already use their Alpha Omega rewards and discounts take a look at them.

Most importantly I have to thank all our members for their continued support. Feel free to bring along guests to the events and help our London Chapter grow.

Dr. Rob Pittack BDS MSc

Chairman of The London Chapter of Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity



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