Many members may not be aware that there is a core group of council members who literally make Alpha Omega tick and I feel it only right that they be recognized for their efforts. We cannot deliver this kind of program without their constant hard work behind the scenes. We always need new members on Council, so please approach any of us, if you are interested in helping out.

Please visit the links below, to see our Council Aims and view our Constitution.




    Rob Pittack

    Chairman Elect

    Richard Horwitz


    Veronica Morris

    Jane Cooper


    Richard Horwitz

    International Chairman

    Mervyn Druian

    Immediate Past Chairman

    Jonathan Lack

    Scientific Committee Chair

    Eddie Scher

    Trade Liaison

    Adele Kendler


    Ian Arad

    Membership Secretary

    Richard Pins

    Student Liaison

    Francesca Hilton

    Social Media

    Charlotte Leigh

    Past Chair advisor

    Aron Marcus

    Past Chair advisor

    Stephen Handelsman

    Past Chair advisor

    Jeremey Kaufman

    Past Chair advisor

    Adrian Mullish

    Member at large

    Alon Preiskel

    Member at large

    Diane Spencer

    Member at large

    Nina Tetra


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