Student Members

London Externship Program


One of the benefits of student and newly qualified (up to 3 years from qualification), membership in Alpha Omega Dental fraternity is the opportunity to spend time and learn from practising dentists first hand. We are proud to offer an opportunity for student and newly qualified dentists to spend a day with dentists and dental specialists of your choice so that you can experience the real world of being a dentist.

Clinical practice is often very different to experiences in dental school and the opportunity to watch a dentist go through the daily trials and tribulations, including all aspects of running a practice and not just the clinical elements, is invaluable.

In addition, the opportunity to build relationships and network within the profession may help you to find a job or associateship opportunities.

It is our hope that this type of opportunity, to gain experience and build personal relationships with Alpha Omega members, will allow you to see the value of membership in Alpha Omega dental fraternity over your career.

We have a terrific list of dentists who are willing to welcome you to their practice for a day of observing and discussing.

This program is offered from the end of your third year, when you will have amassed enough clinical and theoretical knowledge to make it beneficial. It is currently only offered to students studying at UK based Universities or newly qualified dentists living and working in the UK.

Participating Dentists

How it works:
1) Send an email of interest to Dr Jonathan Lack
2) He will confirm that you are in fact a student member. If not please email our Student Liaison, Ella Levene, to become a student member
3) Once she confirms your membership, choose the dentist and practise you would like to visit from our list of participating dentists.
4) Email Dr Jonathan Lack, with the name and he will put you in touch with the dentist so that you can organise a mutually agreeable date for the externship.

Please remember to tweet or post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, if you have had a good experience with this program.

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