LECTURE 25/05/21

Deep into 21st Century: Will Technology Change Your Practice?

Professor Ervin Weiss -DMD Former Head of School of Dental Medicine Tel Aviv University


Dr. Michal Dekel-Steinkeller – DMD Specialist in Prosthodontics

DATE: 25/05/2021

TIME: 19:30

LOCATION: BDA, 64 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 8YS & Online


Conventional dental care cannot prevent recurrence of caries or prevents progression of periodontal diseases. Secondary caries and periodontal breakdown are nearly half of our dental work. Thus, routine treatment modalities, contradict our commitment to our patients; to provide best treatment for maintaining oral health for life. What will best serve our patients’ health and quality of life? Which of the emerging technologies, and concepts, will become disruptive? Which will change our own practice for good? And finally, what is best for us and our practice in the post Covid-19 era? Examples from our private practice of complex cases with various treatment options, modalities and workflows, will be used to assess the role of new concepts for the benefit of our patients. Assessment will include health and biological benefits, morbidity and patient convenience. The following will be presented and discussed:

  • 4 handed dental treatment concept, 2 operators working simultaneously on the patient,
  • intraoral scanner, and digital communication and workflows
  • deep sedation administered by anesthesiologist,
  • uncompromised one-day-treatment workflow, and
  • Increasing longevity of treatment outcome by coping with the etiology of infectious oral diseases.

Educational Aims and Objectives

  • Increasing efficiency and quality of treatments using the 4 hands dental treatment concept.
  • Uncompromised one-day-treatment workflow under deep sedation administered by anesthesiologist

Learning Outcomes

  • Using Digital communication and workflows
  • How to increase longevity of treatment outcome by coping with the etiology of infectious oral diseases.

GDC Development Outcome: C


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