LECTURE 09/03/21

From earlier detection through treatment to recovery – How clinical and translational research is improving mouth cancer treatment

Professor Iain Hutchison


DATE: 09/03/2020

TIME: 19:30

LOCATION: BDA, 64 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 8YS & Online


The lecture will showcase how clinical and translational research has improved outcomes for oral cancer.

Prof Hutchinson will present historical and personal research on prevention; early detection with an electronic diagnostic help service for dentists; surface scanning microscopy and molecular biology to detect premalignant transformation to cancer; clinical studies with patients on how to treat premalignancy and early and advanced mouth cancer to get best cure rates;  surgical and dental innovation to improve quality of life; then finishing with psychological research to recognise and intervene with patients and families who are suffering from the effects of the diagnosis and its treatment.

Educational Aims and Objectives

  • To remind primary care practitioners of the symptoms and signs of mouth cancer and those premalignant lesions that show signs of transformation to cancer.
  • To show that cure rates and quality of life for mouth cancer patients have dramatically improved
  • To show that surgery is the mainstay of treatment and is best done by specialist OMF surgeons
  • To highlight the causes of delay in treatment and to show how dentists can reduce this
  • To show how dentists can participate in educating patients, prevention campaigns, full dental rehabilitation of patients, and clinical research
  • To summarise chemoradiotherapy advances, role and complications

Learning Outcomes

  • How to recognise dangerous premalignancy and the symptoms and signs of mouth cancer.
  • To know about advances in electronic support for dentists in recognising mouth cancer and who to refer to
  • To know how dentists can participate in clinical research on epidemiology, prevention and early detection
  • To know what is expected of dentists in providing full dental rehabilitation and psychological support
  • To know how patients who have had radiotherapy should be managed dentally and what are some of the complications of this treatment

GDC Development Outcome: C


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  • Non-members/ guest fee £60.00
  • Undergraduates & HEE Dentists Free

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