WEBINAR 13/10/2020

WEBINAR: The Ageing Population: Demographics & The Future Of Dentistry In The UK

Tom Clayton

B.Sc Deputy Head of Workforce Planning for the Medical and Dental workforces HEE

DATE: 13/10/2020


LOCATION: Online only


This lecture describes the changing shape of the UK’s population and demographics in the next three decades, what these trends mean for the demand for dental services in primary and secondary care, and how this demand compares to the available supply of dentists and DCPs.

Educational Aims and Objectives :

This lecture is intended to provide students with an overview of supply and demand in the context of dental services, and how these are likely to change over time as informed by trends in population, demographics, and the utilisation of these services.

Learning outcomes:

At the end of the lecture, participants will be able to:

  • Describe trends in UK demography by region for the period 2018-2043
  • Explain the relationships between age and deprivation and the consumption of various forms of dental activity
  • Identify those regions that are likely to face the greatest gaps between supply and demand.

GDC development outcome: B, C


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