The therapeutic gradient, a medical concept for actual dentistry?


Dr Jean Pierre Attal

Dr Jean Pierre Attal

Tuesday January 29th 2013

Lecture Summary:

Restorative dentistry has totally changed during the last few years. Indeed, performant adhesive materials, increased esthetic demand of the patients, new concepts of treatment (as minimal invasive dentistry) and new approach of the scientific evidence (evidence based dentistry) are 4 pieces of the puzzle of modern dentistry. The aim of the GP is to practice keeping in mind all these 4 parameters. To help the GP, we have defined a new medical concept, the therapeutic
gradient which represents, on a simple linear axis, a classification of all the modern treatments ranked from the less invasive to the most invasive one. I will show thanks to many clinical examples how to apply this new medical concept from total non invasive treatment (bleaching), infiltration, stratification to inlays/onlays. We will see that in “todays dentistry” there are so many indications for crowns.


Formal Education/Degree :

2008 : Ability to Professional to manage research.
1995 : Ph.D in Université Paris Descartes.
1988 : Graduation in Paris Descartes.

Professional experience :

  • Half time Senior lecturer since 1997 (Department of Dental Materials) teaching undergraduate and graduate dental materials course.
  • Private Practice from 1990 to current time.
Research topics
  • Adhesion to calcified tissues.
  • Glass ionomer cements.
  • Clinical research.
  • Practice based Research.

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